Monday, January 18, 2010

Long break coming to an end

Where on earth have I been? I had hoped to be posting more regularly, but life took over. Since my last post (in October!) we had some renovations done to our kitchen. This took over our home from right before Thanksgiving until mid-December. Living out of boxes, walking past piles of our belongings and trying to keep the dust out of our living space while gearing up for the holiday season was a bit hectic to say the least, but completely worth it in the end.
Now we have a much more spacious and efficient kitchen that is easy to maintain with extra cupboards and pretty to look at. Now as I wake up each morning to our cozy new room, I enjoy spending time sitting at our table drinking tea.This makes my chef fiance very happy and has been inspiring him to cook some fancy and elaborate meals. Just today he started a batch of homemade kim chi. This was from our perfectly quiet New Year's dinner.
All the renovations at home made the holidays sort of just slip past. Days just vanished as I was busy with my shop, day job, renovations and the usual Xmas hustle and bustle. In the studio I am back to glazing a new round of work. The holidays cleared me out, giving me room to work on some more new ideas and focus on some old familiar items too. Glaze firings are always exciting since you never really know how the glazes will come out. This firing will feature 3 new glaze colors: bright avocado green, apple red, and tangerine orange. I can hardly wait!

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Diane said...

The new kitchen looks great. I'm hoping we can renovate our kitchen in the near future.